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Pastor Scott & Mrs. Deana w/ children Kayla & Scottie

Contact info:

Scott McGraw - pastor FBC of Belmont
PO Box 486
Belmont, WV 26134

ph: (304) 665-2637
email: pastor.mcgraw@outlook.com

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Pastor Scott was called to FBC of Belmont in Sept. 2017.  Bro. Scott grew up in Sissonville, WV and ultimately moved to North Carolina in 1996.  In September 2000, he was born again and then surrendered the call to preach in 2005. He is happily married to Mrs. Deana McGraw, and the Lord has blessed them with two precious children, Kayla & Scottie.

The Lord led bro. Scott to pastor Bible Baptist Church in Statesville, NC in Sept. of 2010, a position he held until God directed his departure six years later.  In the year following, the Lord opened doors for the McGraw Family to sing and preach at various churches until the Spirit of God led them here to Belmont, WV for bro. Scott to serve as our pastor.

"The way in which God has orchestrated our arrival here, the manner in which He guided and guarded our footsteps, how He's given me a love for these people and heart for this community has excited me for what God's got in store for FBC and the Mid-Ohio Valley" - Pastor Scott

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