Sunday School Program

Here at FBC of Belmont, we believe that learning the Scripture is of paramount importance.  For it's a 'lamp unto our feet & light unto our path' (Psa. 119:105) because of this, we focus on heavily on teaching the Word of God and one of the main avenues for this is through our Sunday School programs.  With several classes geared to all ages, we encourage all who will to come.  Along with practical lessons, you'll find enjoyment in the Christian fellowship of other classmates.


Van Ministry

We believe that each soul is precious in the sight of the Lord, therefore we offer transportation to all who will come who don't have the means to.  This of course includes children, but is not limited strictly to them.  If live in the area and would like to come and enjoy services but haven't the ability to get here, please contact us & we'll arrange transportation for you.


Children's Church

Sometimes young children have a difficult time in a worship service that is designed for teens and adults.  That is why on Sunday mornings we offer Junior Church and Primary Church for children.  They sing, give offerings have testimonies and hear the Bible message – just like “big church” but on a level appropriate for kids.


Local Outreach 

We desire to tell the message of God’s love to every person in our community and beyond.  Our variety of soulwinning and visitation programs place our members in the neighborhoods with information about our church and the message of the gospel.  We have a strong desire to 'reach our JerUSAlem' with the Good News of Redemption through Jesus.


Nursing Home Ministry

One of the highlights of our local outreach is our nursing home ministry.  Once a month, many from the church visit the local nursing home and hold service with the residents there.  We do the best we can, but we also encourage all to take time and reach out to those who many have forgotten.


Missions Program

We take very seriously our Lord’s command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  Our church provides regular prayer and financial support to approximate 30 missionary families or missions projects around the world.  This demonstrates the meaning behind our slogan 'Reaching the World with Redeeming Love'


Worship Services

The collective worship services of our church family are the highlights of the week.  The friendly atmosphere, uplifting music, testimonies, prayer time, and fellowship prepare hearts and minds for the Bible messages from our Pastor.  The preaching of the Word of God is the center-piece of these services.


Master's Club / Teen Discovery Programs

During Sunday Evenings, we have an outreach program focused upon our youth.  We have lessons, games & various activities geared to reach young people with the Gospel of Jesus and have fun while doing it.



Providing safe and healthy child-care for infants and toddlers is an important part of FBC's family-friendly church.  Your infants and toddlers receive loving care and attention in the nursery during all of the services.